STORIED was born from a love of story-telling & shopping. Every person, business, product, place has a STORY— was it two college girls in their dorm, or a parent finally chasing their dream after raising children, or someone who broke thru after many rejections? 

It’s thru STORY-telling where we learn, inspire, grow.

So What’s Our STORY?

It’s funny how writing our own STORY can feel daunting, but we all have one.

After an adult lifetime of enterprise software sales, living in the best cities and traveling the world, our founder Tracey could focus on her STORY— her twin daughters, husband and moving back home to picturesque south Alabama on Mobile Bay.

But time spent in NYC will make anyone love a good sample sale— a hallmark of city living— and one of Tracey’s favorite things.

So after years of day dreaming, she’s finally writing her STORY while telling those STORIES of others— bringing the sample sale concept to introduce new brands to this idyllic corner of the world.


Part of our STORY is lifting our community.

STORIED is committed to supporting local causes that impact our lives.

Two cornerstone causes below will benefit— with in-kind and monetary donations as part of our business plan.

Read their STORIES— we best learn from others.

For over 30 years, the Thomas Hospital Foundation has cultivated community action & support to ensure access for our region to innovative treatments from world-class physicians in exceptional facilities.

As the '24-'25 Foundation Chair, our founder Tracey is committed to evangelizing the needs within our community, rallying leader support & helping our growing area meet its medical needs.

Camille Place is Alabama’s first residence committed to providing care and rehabilitation to young girls, ages 6 to 19 years old, who are the victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking. 

Chris Ziebach, the dedicated, God-fearing leader behind Camille Place, is a childhood friend of our founder Tracey.

Born from tragedy, the Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation’s mission is providing programs, services, and resources across Baldwin County communities that support the social and emotional well-being of our youth.

Our founder Tracey can regularly be heard saying ‘Mental Health IS Health.’