What exactly is a Sample Sale?

In short, a Sample Sale partners with brands to offer overstock/excess inventory at fantastic discounts on traditional retail pricing. Every brand has overstock-- from luxe to big box discount stores. A Sample Sale is one way to participate in sustainability to our planet-- instead of items being destroyed or thrown into landfills.


What’s the ‘style’ of the shop?

There’s not a ‘style’— that’s the beauty of our concept. We want to appeal to all shoppers— all ages, all interests. Our focus is Spring/Summer seasons with Swim & Resort sales. Taking you from Spring Break to Labor Day, you can find fantastic deals for beach trips, boat days, pool parties & travel. There might be pop-up brands offered, so sign up for our emails/texts and follow our Social Media pages.


Is the merchandise pre-owned, or damaged?

No— all merchandise is new, directly from the label itself. These are simply first quality pieces that the label has in excess— not returns from stores, second quality, etc. Our strong brand relationships mean we can offer a paragon of best options at a fraction of the retail price.


Will you offer a full array of sizes and a large number of each size?

We will always strive to appeal to everyone, especially in the world of sizing. Sometimes we can offer a full suite of sizes, sometimes we are limited to what’s available at that time whether that’s in size or quantity of each size. Any details our customers can share about styles you like, brands you want to see or sizing you need helps us meet that appeal.


When does the Sample Sale happen?

Brands, dates, previews, etc will always be on our Social Media. But, email & text subscribers will be the first to know & get special perks.


Can I recommend a brand?

Absolutely— we want our customers to tell us what you want. On the Contact page, send us a message.