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🍿 Fantastic Summer Movies 🍿

Whether it’s a rain-out or just wanting to throttle down, sometimes a movie is just what we need during the summer.

Town & Country Magazine pulled together a list of great summertime movies to keep us laughing, crying, feeling good (& some maybe a little scared) all summer long. 

Click here to see the list.


Battling Jet Lag

Uggghhh, we all love travel, but we hate the impact a long trip can have. When crossing multiple time zones, our bodies simply freak out— think of how it takes a week to get over the change with Daylight Savings Time.

While there’s no magic bullet, below are tips from Sleep Foundation ( to help keep you in the fun when you finally reach your destination.


Tip 1: REALIGN to the destination’s time

In the week leading up to your trip, begin to adjust your sleep schedule to match that of your destination— slight adjustments each nite.


Tip 2: Get SOLID SLEEP leading up

When realigning your sleep schedule, do everything possible to get quality sleep in the pre-flight days.



Earplugs, a sleep mask, comfy pjs can help slumber better at your destination.


Tip 4: DON’T OVER-SCHEDULE your first days

It’s tempting to want-to-see/do-it-all in travel excitement— but be kind to yourself and give yourself 1-2 days.


Tip 5: LIMIT ALCOHOL & CAFFEINE before/after flight

Two of the biggest sleep disrupters are some of the things we love most on vacations. Just take it easy before/after flight.



We know to drink lots of water before/during/after flight and also choose small, lite meals.


Tip 7: STRETCH on the plane & EXERCISE at your destination

Stretch your legs en-route and make easy exercise part of your trip. You don’t have to cross-fit, but rather walk at least 10 minutes each day.



The most important & hardest tip is to match the time zone when you land. If it’s the afternoon, push thru exhaustion and wait until nite to sleep. If it’s nite time at your destination, then hit the sack!


Note: This information is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes.
Please consult your health care provider before making any health care decisions or for guidance about a specific medical condition. STORIED expressly disclaims responsibility, and shall have no liability, for any damages, loss, injury, or liability.

In-Flight Skin Care

As travel season approaches, flying becomes a necessary evil. And it takes a toll on our skin— both face & body.

Yes, we know to drink water before, during & after flying but there are steps to facial in-flight care to help us look at best when landing.


Tip 1: Use SHEET MASKS in days prior to flight

In the days before flying take just minutes per day to apply a hydrating sheet mask each day. 


Tip 2: LITTLE OR NO SKIN MAKEUP during flight

Just like when sleeping, give your skin a break during flight— try to wear little or no skin makeup. It will make the next steps much easier & more effective.


Tip 3: Mid-flight mist a SKIN PURIFIER to eliminate bacteria from the recycled air

50% of flight air is recycled. That means bacteria is most definitely floating around. Choose a mist that will eliminate any bacteria before beginning any skincare in the air.


Tip 4: After misting, apply a SHEET MASK & leave for 15-20 minutes

Refresh your skin, put in your AirPods and relax.


Tip 5: After masking, APPLY REMAINING ELIXIR into the neck & décolletage

There’s always leftover elixir in the sheet mask pouch— use it all!


Tip 6: SPF in-flight is imperative

UV rays are significantly stronger above cloud level. Don’t forget SPF!


Tip 7: Apply SERUM during flight

Continually apply serum & lotion throughout the flight.



Move around during the flight, flex your muscles. A quick Google search before flight can teach you how to effectively massage your lymph nodes to release swelling.

Denim Shorts Cut Right

A great pair of denim shorts can be hard to come by-- especially if you want them for Hangout. So make your own.

The master denim short creator/seller Nick Waskosky shares his simple tips & techniques.


🎡 HANGOUT FEST: Hair Is Fashion 🎡

As important as your outfit is your hair. Not only to look cute, but in a way that’s comfy— whether down, part up/part down or all pulled back.

POPPY HAIRSTYLES shows us 4 easy ways to look good.


🎡 HANGOUT FEST: Choosing Your Style 🎡

First step: choose your style. Ideas, tips & reminders to help find your style for Hangout ’24.

An online search for ‘festival attire’ will give ideas from Coachella, Bonnaroo, even Jazz Fest— all over the country. But Hangout is different— it’s HOT (day & nite) with little sun shade & sand that will go everywhere— literally everywhere and anywhere. So leather chaps great for Coachella won’t do it here.

Your shoes, top, bottom, hairstyle, hat, even jewelry & festival glitter need to translate to a sandy, sweaty beach trip.

Lighter colors, swim attire, wicking fabrics, comfy shoes are important factors. You can still dress-to-impress but Hangout follows our laid-back, easy lifestyle vibes.

With 3 headliners that are soooo different, do you want to match their music?
Zach- country, denim, gingham
Lana- girly, sultry, feminine
Odesza- electric, vibrant
If not, then carry on with YOUR style!

Unless you intend to stand like a statue all weekend, choose pieces that will MOVE with you.
There’s nothing worse than picking, tugging, managing your clothing while trying to have fun.

Make sure pieces fit you properly, especially swim tops to avoid ‘slips’— you know what we mean.

Unsure? Put your outfit on, dance around your house, jump up/down & see how your pieces wear.

Don’t choose complicated ideas. Keep hair easy to manage, don’t choose straps that need an instruction book to tie.

Special note: Consider wearing tops with a strap. For example, bandeau tops might give you an even tan & look cute, but they are easily pulled down/off by some jerk. It happens.

Often overlooked but quickly humbled by— using the restroom. Unless you have Super VIP tix, your restroom will be tiny, dark & likely smelly. Only you know what you need to get in & get out!
Skirt vs Shorts?
One Piece Swimsuit?
Romper? (oh lord)


Packing a Suitcase

Vacation season is almost here. Let's maximize our space-- the last tip is the best!

Tip 1: Think of your MODE OF TRAVEL
Comfort & space is always a consideration. If traveling by car, consider how bags will stack them in the back—like a game of Tetris. Plane travel has its own set of rules. But it’s most important if traveling by train in Europe— there are no valets— it’s you schlepping your bags to/from so consider comfort and what you can physically carry.

We’re all used to size & weight limits for air travel by now. Consider your destination and if you’ll shop there because you’ll need room to bring your tokens home.

Tip 3: ROLLING VS FOLDING doesn’t matter
Now personally this is hard for me to agree with— I traveled every week by plane for years and could pack a week of business, dinner, casual clothes in one carry-on by rolling everything. But do what’s best for keeping your items less wrinkled and most organized. Supposedly the science says it’s about the same area usage.

Tip 4: USE EVERY INCH of space to help items keep shape & maximize
Pack socks in shoes, put sunglasses in hats and everywhere there’s an empty space. Not only does it protect, it can keep the shape of items.

Tip 5: PACKING CUBES are a fantastic investment
Yes, yes, yes— a full set can be very inexpensive. Pack like with like, organize and keep clothes clean during travel. There are so many YouTube videos on how to best use cubes— they are amazing!

Tip 6: Bring an EXTRA BAG for dirty laundry
If you have an extra packing cube, bring it, or use the plastic dry cleaning bag at your hotel to keep dirties separate from your clean clothes. Just take the bag right to the laundry room when you get home.

From foundation to body cream to sunscreen & medications, you will save so much room. We LOVE Cadence— not sponsored, we just love them.

Tip 8: Packing ROLLER VS NON-ROLLER sides of the suitcase
The MOST IMPORTANT tip— know what to pack on which side of your suitcase. Ever looked at your suitcase? The roller side is usually larger and has more structure. So here’s a guide for each side to keep weight distributed & clothing clean:
Roller: shoes (in a bag & at the bottom), toiletries (in the middle), accessories (at the top), room for dirty clothes bag & items you buy
Non-Roller: from bottom to top are pants, shirts & then undergarments


 Summer Hair Protection

We hear to protect our skin, protect our swimsuits during the summer, but we sometimes forget about protecting our hair.

The Blowout Professional gives tips to protect our locks when the sun, salt & pool become our favorite places to be.

Tip 1: UV PROTECTION is a must. Wearing a sun hat or finding a product that has UV protection (although you must reapply it constantly).

Tip 2: PROTECT HAIR before going in the water. Whether salt or pool (even saltwater pools have chlorine), get hair completely wet with tap water. Then use an inexpensive conditioner to seal the hair and form a waterproof barrier. Rinse & reapply often, especially once getting out of the water.

Tip 3: SWITCH UP YOUR WASH ROUTINE during your trip. After a long day of fun we are tempted to shampoo/condition our hair every day. Well, the sun, salt, chemicals are already drying your hair out and shampoo (even the luxe ones) are also drying. Consider co-washing, which is just using conditioner & no shampoo. A sample schedule could be--

  • Day 1: co-wash (only conditioner)
  • Day 2: co-wash (only conditioner)
  • Day 3: regular wash (shampoo & conditioner)

This gives our natural oils time to replenish on the scalp.

Tip 4: DON'T SWITCH PRODUCTS THAT ARE WORKING FOR YOU. Avoid the temptation to switch to 'summer' products-- keep using ones that are working for you.

Tip 5: PREP HAIR before your trip. Use a hair mask on wash day before your travel. Consider bringing your hair mask on the trip to tackle the harshest hair conditions.

 Note: This information is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes.
Please consult your hair professional before making decisions or for guidance. STORIED expressly disclaims responsibility, and shall have no liability, for any damages, loss, injury, or liability.



Tips to Applying Sunscreen 

We all love a pretty summertime tan (I mean, it solves ALL problems!) & being outdoors. But a few steps of protection will not only still give you that golden glow, but let you enjoy more time outside.   

Source: American Academy of Dermatology Association

Choosing a Sunscreen

  • choose a broad spectrum coverage (protects from UVA & UVB rays)
  • SPF 30 or higher
  • water resistant

Applying Sunscreen

  • apply 15 min before exposure (it takes that long to sink in & offer protection)
  • 1 OUNCE is needed (think of a shot glass)
  • remember all the nooks-- behind/on your ears, tops of feet, lips, part line on scalp, etc

Wearing Sunscreen

  • reapply every 2 hours or after swimming & sweating
Note: This information is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes.
Please consult your health care provider before making any health care decisions or for guidance about a specific medical condition. STORIED expressly disclaims responsibility, and shall have no liability, for any damages, loss, injury, or liability.


Sarongs: Find Your Favorite Fit

For me, tying a sarong ranks up there with folding a fitted sheet-- I just can't do it. But here are several fun & easy ways to mix it up this summer. 



10 Ways to Tie Your Bikini Top

Beauty Claudia Fuenmayor shows us creative ways to get 10 looks from one bikini top.


Tips for Swimwear Care

Finding the right swimsuit & fit is important, but don't forget to care for your suits after!

REAL SIMPLE offers these care tips for general care, but always follow the exact instructions from your suit's label. If the label becomes detached, reference the brand's website for recommended care. 


Make sure to wash your suit AFTER EVERY SINGLE wear, even if you don't get in the water. Sunscreen can be detrimental to the fabric-- and some formulas will affect suits more than others. 

The best thing you can do for your swimsuit is to rinse it out in cool water as soon as you take it off. Even better, fill a sink with cool water and let the suit soak for about 30 minutes to remove most chemicals and body soil that can damage the fabric.

Special Tip: Get a head start by filling a leak-proof plastic bag or small container with clean water and add your swimsuit to soak on the trip home from the pool or beach.


  1. Create some soapy water.

    Fill a sink with lukewarm water and add a gentle detergent formulated for activewear like Hex Performance Laundry Detergent. One teaspoon of any detergent is enough to clean a single swimsuit.

    Special Tip: In a pinch, add a splash of white vinegar, known for its deodorizing and antibacterial properties, in lieu of detergent.

  2. Turn the swimsuit inside out.

    Scrubbing from the inside helps keep the exterior fabric looking newer longer, and addresses the areas most likely to have come in contact with sweat and sunscreen.

  3. Use a soft brush to scrub away stains.

    A dab of the laundry detergent on a soft-bristled nylon brush (an old toothbrush works great) can be used to gently scrub necklines and areas that may have sunscreen stains.

  4. Swish and squeeze your suit.

    Swish the suit through the sudsy water while you gently squeeze the fabric for several minutes, then empty out the sink.

  5. Give your swimsuit a good rinse.

    Refill the sink with cool, clean water to rinse the swimsuit. Gently squeeze out the water—no wringing!

  6. Dry your suit.

    Roll the swimsuit in a terrycloth towel to absorb excess water or simply hang it to air-dry in a spot with good air circulation, away from direct sunlight, which can cause colors to fade. Add a circulating fan to speed drying. Skip the dryer because high temperatures can permanently damage the fabric.


Handwash is always best, but we're all busy. If you choose to machine wash, here are ideas.

  1. Wash it with similar materials.

    Don't toss it in with your beach towel—that's a recipe for swimsuit damage. Wash the swimsuit with similar types of synthetic fabrics.

  2. Protect your swimsuit.

    Turn the swimsuit inside out, and place it in a mesh laundry bag to help prevent snags and stretching.

  3. Pretreat stains.

    Apply gentle detergent to areas prone to sunscreen stains.

  4. Be gentle with your suit.

    Set your washing machine to the gentle cycle and use cold water and gentle detergent on it.

  5. Hang it dry.

    The dryer will damage your suit's fibers, so take it out of the wash and hang it to dry.

 Tips for Caring for Your Swimsuit (and Keeping it in Great Shape)

  • Don't soak a swimsuit overnight. This can loosen fibers.

  • Don't let a swimsuit dry directly in the sun. This may cause fading.

  • Don't put a swimsuit in the dryer. The heat weakens the elasticity of the spandex. This is the same reason why you shouldn't wear your favorite bikini in a hot tub.

  • Don't hang a swimsuit on a metal rod to dry. Hanging can alter the shape of the garment, while the metal rod could leave a rust mark that's impossible to get out.

  • Don't sit on rough surfaces while wearing a swimsuit. The concrete beside the pool or wood from the lounge chairs may snag the swimsuit material. Always lay down a towel before you sit.